CIP Architects

Stefan Boettle • Dipl.-Eng. (FH) Architect
Markus Mehwald • Dipl.-Eng. Architect BDA

Cooperating professionals since 2000
China Acemi • Construction Management
Christof Bachhofen • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Andreas Bay • Dipl.-Eng. (FH) Architect
Chenab Bawa • Constraction Management
Emily Beck • B.Sc.
Petar Bejic • Stud. Arch.
Karin Boettle • Dipl.-Design, Authorized officer
Bojana Bojanic • M.Arch.
Claudia Born • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Petar Bozic • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Nicola Bryniok • Stud. Arch.
Diana Cano • M.Arch.
Charlotte Dilbeck • Stud. Arch.
Agnieszka Domaradzka • Stud. Arch.
Philipp Englert • M.Eng./Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Christoph Faerber • Dipl.-Eng. (FH) Architect
Weisheng Fang • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Heiderose Fischer • Administration
Patricia Grill • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Regina Grund • Stud. Arch.
Christoph Haag • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Claudia Hamann • M.Sc./Dipl.-Eng. (FH) Architect
Wolf-Ulrich Hermann • Dipl.-Eng. (FH) Architect
Deniz Hocaoglu • Stud. Arch.
Izabela Kabała-Karabin • M.Eng./Dipl.-Eng.Architect
André Kappes • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Melanie Kettenhofen • Dipl.-Eng. (FH) Architect
Lennart Kinscher • Stud. Arch.
Ewelina Klimek • M.Eng./Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Harald Langer • M.Eng./Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Zhuopu Li • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Stefan Mattes • Dipl.-Eng. (FH) Architect
Ingrid Marx • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Brigitte Mehwald • Assistant to the management
Peter Merk • Construction manager
Cansu Öczan • Stud. Arch.
Korkmaz Özgenler • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Robert Piwowarczyk • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Gabriele Polz • Stud. Arch.
Dennis Rieck • Dipl.-Eng. (FH) Architect
Katja Sauter • B.Sc. Architect
Konstantin Schuster • B. Arch.
Damir Skoko • Architectural draftsman
Norbert Staniszewski • Dipl.-Eng. (FH) Architect
Dr. Anke Staniszewski • Project development
Jasmin Stein • Dipl.-Eng. (FH) Architect
Ann-Kathrin Stolz • Stud. Arch.
Björn Streck • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Bineyam Tefera Alemu • Stud. Arch.
Sebastian Thera • Dipl.-Eng. (FH) Architect
Sylvia Torre Flores • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Selma Topay • Civil Eng. Stud.
Luis Traesel • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Sultan Tunc • Stud. Arch.
Dirk Vogel • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Carmen Weisse • Dipl.-Eng. (FH) Architect
Andreas Weber • B.Sc.
Dennis Wójcik • Dipl.-Eng. Architect
Atiye Yörümez • Bc.Sc.
Jakub Żuradzki • M.Eng./Dipl.-Eng. Architect

Drees & Sommer AG • Stuttgart • Project management
DS Plan GmbH • Stuttgart • Sectoral planning
emodrom group • Hockenheim • Projektentwicklung
Green Architecture GmbH • Bottighofen • Project planning
HFR Ingenieure GmbH • München • Project planning
IBS International GmbH • Stuttgart • Project development • Project planning
IMI Igor Martinoff Ingenieure • Braunschweig • Sectoral planning • Special heavy construction, sheeting
Mattes und Eppmann Architekten
PLANCON Sp.z o.o • Krakau • Project planning
PROJEKTCON Sp.z o.o • Krakau • Project planning
Rogg Architekten • Konstanz • Project planning

Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg
Danneckerstraße 54, D-70182 Stuttgart
Membership numbers Stefan Boettle 037709 and Markus Mehwald 054756

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V.
Tübinger Straße 43, D-70178 Stuttgart
Mitgliedsnummer 13583

Bund Deutscher Architekten
Landesverband Baden Württemberg
Zeppelin Carré Friedrichstrasse 5, 70174 Stuttgart

Stefan Boettle

Born in 1961, Stefan Boettle studied at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance, Germany, and was thereafter employed, among other places, at Architekturbüro Prof. Karl Fleig, Zurich, Architekturbüro Prof. Gottfried Böhm, and Prof. Wilhelm und Partner, Lörrach and Basle. He founded „Architekturbüro Boettle Freie Architekten“ in 1992. Stefan Boettle has been the CEO of CIP GmbH Architekten Ingenieure since 2000 and, since 2017, the CEO of CIP architects engineers Sp. Z oo.

Catalog of works

Since 2000
CIP GmbH Architekten Ingenieure, Stuttgart, Munich Overall planning and project development in the areas of urban construction, industrial, commercial, recreational, and residential buildings in the countries Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Libya, Marocco, Austria, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

Essential projects
Porsche Centers, Porsche E-Mobility, Germany-wide
MOTORWORLD projects, Germany-wide
IQCURE Hotel Resort Port Pollenca, Mallorca
New City Benghazi, 850 ha, Benghazi, Libya
Tallil Beach Resort, 76 ha, Tallil, Libya
Free Zone with office and industrial buildings, Rabat, Marocco
Hotels and luxury villas, Mallorca
Bio mass power plants in cooperation with Bilfinger & Berger, Germany, Spain
Renovation and partitioning of residential complexes of Allianz AG, Germany-wide
City center with 6,500 apartments, 35 ha, Salé, Marocco
Arcades Malabata, Tanger, Marocco
High-rise projects and power plants, Moscow, Russia
Dubai Piers, Dubai

Boettle Freie Architekten, Stuttgart

Essential projects
High-rise building Merwede Group B.V., Ballast Nedam, Rotterdam
Opel Autowelt and restructuring of production facilities Adam Opel AG, Rüsselsheim
High-rise building Hongkong Shanghai Bank in cooperation with Arcadis Grebner and HL-Technik AG, Singapore

5-Star-Hotel, Golf Resort Es Pujol, Mallorca
Art Hotel, in cooperation with Zaha Hadid , (London), Kirchheim

Project manager for Architekten Prof. Wilhelm und Partner, Lörrach and Basle
Hugo-Häring prize winner 1974 and 1988

Essential projects
Town hall, Küssaberg
Paper factory, Albbruck
Central administration building KBC AG, Lörrach
Admnistration and production building Hoffmann La Roche AG, Baslel
Production and distribution center of the company Raymond, Weil am Rhein

Employee of Architekturbüro Prof. Gottfried Böhm, Cologne
Preisträger des Pritzker Architecture Price 1986

Essential projects
„Neues Steintor“, Shopping gallery with offices, Hanover
Deutsch-Iranische Handelsbank, Hamburg
Deutsche Bank, Luxemburg

Employee of Architekturbüro Prof. Karl Fleig, Zurich
Partner of Alvar Aalto (Architecture prize winner of the Biennale 1986)

Essential projects
Administration of the Alvar Aalto Archives, Zurich
Residential complex Züriberg, Zurich
Swiss Pavillon of the Biennale 1986, Venice


1st prize
Competition for realization, by invitation
Parlament building, Juba, South Sudan
Host: South Sudan Investment Authority

1st prize
Competition for realization, by invitation
New City, Benghazi, Libya
Host: Libya Investment Authority

1st prize
Competition for realization, by invitation
Tallil Beach Resort, Tallil, Libya
Host: Libya Investment Authority

1st prize
Competition for realization, by invitation

Souk al Salihine, Salé, Marocco
Host: AMG International, Tanger

2nd prize
Competition for realization, by invitation
High-rise building Parkhaven Euromast, Rotterdam
Host: Merwede Group B.V., Ballast Nedam

1st prize
Exclusive competition
Info-Center DB AG Stuttgart 21, Stuttgart
Host: City of Stuttgart, Deutsche Bahn AG

1st prize
Exclusive competition
High-rise building Rotebühlplatz, Stuttgartt
Host: City of Stuttgart, Bülow AG

1st prize
Betreutes Wohnen building, Weinstadt-Endersbachh
Host: City of Weinstadt

1st prize
Nomination by a jury of experts
Conversion of the Dick company buildings, Esslingen
Host: Dick GmbH, Herr Leutze

1st prize
Senior citizens homes, Ditzingen-Hirschlanden
Host: Town of Ditzingen

Markus Mehwald

University graduate of Engineering, Free Architect, BDA (German Society of Architects)
Born in 1964, Markus Mehwald studied at the University of Stuttgart. During and after those studies, he was employed at Werkgemeinschaft Archiplan Stuttgart, Architekten Zinsmeister und Scheffler Stuttgart, Peter Kopp Architekten Stuttgart, and Architekten Weber & Hummel Stuttgart. From 1994 to 2014 he was a freelance architect and contracted by, among others, Günter Hermann Architekten Stuttgart. Markus Mehwald has been the CEO of CIP GmbH Architekten Ingenieure since 2014 and, since 2017, the CEO of CIP architects engineers Sp. z oo. 2017 he was appointed to the BDA (German Society of Architects).

Managing Director, CIP Architekten Stuttgart

Essential projects
Oldtimer and Sports Car Center with events hall and hotel, Cologne, completed 2017
Oldtimer and Sports Car Center with hotel Zeche Ewald, Herten, completed 2018
Porsche Center, Böblingen, completed 2016
Porsche Center, Berlin Adlershof, completed 2017
Porsche Solar Pylon, Berlin, completed 2016
Housing complex, Rötestrasse Stuttgart, completed 2016
Residential home, GS Herrenberg, completed 2016
V8 Hotel, Böblingen, completed 2017
HHotel Fasanenhof-Stuttgart, completed 2018

Project manager for Günter Hermann Architekten Projects managed
Conference Center, Carl Zeiss AG, Oberkochen LP 1-8
IMT Solutioncenter, Carl Zeiss AG, Oberkochen LP 1-3
Zeiss Vision, Carl Zeiss AG, Aalen LP 1-3
Floor of the Board of Directors, Carl Zeiss AG, Oberkochen LP 1-8
Stiftungshaus Marquart, Bulzingen LP 1-2 (BDA-Auszeichnung)
Kindergarden Maria Königin, Tuttlingen LP 1-7
Kindergarden Ernst&Young, New Office Airport, Stuttgart LP 1-7
Kindergarden, Hospital of the German Armed Forces, Ulm LP 5
Child Day Care Center, Stuttgart-Büsnau LP 2-7
Child Day Care Center, Kuppingen LP 1-7
Kinderhaus St. Hedwig, Stuttgart LP 1-9 (BDA-Award, award for exemplary architecture from AKBW Chamber of Architects Baden-Wurttemberg)
Gemeindezentrum Maximilian Kolbe, Stuttgart LP 1-9
Residential home, North Stuttgart LP 1-8
Kindergarden Königsheim LP 1-4 (BDA-Award)
Building complex Wöhrden West, Tuttlingen (movie theater, gastronomy, offices, residential area) LP 1-9 (BDA-Award)
Main Branch and Central Administration Building of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Berlin LP 2-3, sub-project management LP 4-5 (honored by Deutscher Natursteinpreis, German Natural Stone Prize)
Pier, Tuttlingen LP 1-2 (Award for exemplary architecture AKBW Chamber of Architects Baden-Wurttemberg )
Residential Home, Donaueschingen LP 1-5

markus mehwald Architekt

Under contract for Architekturbüro Weber und Hummel

Essential projects
Braikeschule (school building), Nürtingen
Pavillonvilla, Illertissen
Sparkasse, Illertissen

Under contract for Peter Kopp Architekten

Essential projects
Residential building complex, Nuremberg
Residential building complex, Nuremberg
Strukturierung Gewerbegebiet, Vaihingen an der Enz

Under contract for Zinsmeister und Scheffler

Essential projects
EVT, Untertürkheim
Residential building project, Fellbach
Siedlungswerk, Stuttgart

Under contract for Werkgemeinschaft Archiplan

Essential projects
Transportation concepts, Crailsheim
Transpotation planning, Kehl

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